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We specialize in one thing - providing impact entrepreneurs a powerful brand people love with a website that converts leads and sales in less than 30 days!


Where branding, storytelling and smart website design come together to create massive impact!

Change Creator Brand Studio
Change Creator Brand Studio
Change Creator Brand Studio
Change Creator Brand Studio

Want to work together? To get started, just schedule an introductory call where we will discuss your business and see if we are a good fit to help you get where you need to go!

A Few Examples Of Our Work

We don't just create a website or a story. From the story, to the logo, to the colors and the path to purchase - we provide a full cohesive strategy based on your needs to convert more sales from your website. 

What Makes Us Different?

  • We are not an agency. We work closely with you each step of the way and we don't have an agency model or prices 
  • We are specialists with over 20 years of experience - specialists in storytelling, brand development, design and user experience
  • As a small team, we work closely with you one-on-one (not a random project manager)
  • At Change Creator our mission is to help social entrepreneurs have more impact by converting more sales through the power of storytelling

Adam Force, Change Creator

Over the past 20 years, Adam has built strategies for some of the largest brands in the world such as Walgreens, Target and Microsoft. Adam started his second business, Change Creator to help social entrepreneurs scale their impact in the world through the businesses they run. Change Creator currently offers their signature course, Captivate, a podcast, premier digital magazine with 30 editions reaching 140 countries and over 200+ expert interviews with people such as Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington, Jay Shetty, and Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus.


What if I already have branding and don't need that done?
That's OK! During our strategy call we will diagnose your business and situation to better understand where you are in the process and how exactly we can help you move the needle.  We always go through each step of our process to ensure everything makes sense and will offer any suggestions along the way. 
Who exactly is this service for?
We work with entrepreneurs who either need a brand from the ground up or would like to reimagine their brand.  We primarily work with coaches, course creators and service business but in some situations we do support e-commerce when they are on Wordpress.
Do you work with Ecommerce businesses?
We currently do, but website design is limited to Wordpress only. If you're store is on Shopify, we do the brand strategy, identity and help map out the cashflow system, but we don't do the website development.
How long does it take to get live with a new site and branding?
The reality is we can be live in as little as 7 days. However, that is dependent on having all the required assets we need from you. If we can stick to timelines things move pretty quick. 30 days or less is a good rule of thumb and we make sure things are as simple as possible. 
What does this really do for my business?
The data is in - great brands beat great products all day long and that's just the start. A great brand with good design earns trust and credibility from your customers but also exponentially increases the likelihood of them buying, especially when you have a website setup to sell like a champ.
Do you offer any other services besides branding and website design?
No, we specialize in building powerful brands with matching websites that sell.  We don't do content production, social media, or paid ads. Think of us as the heart surgeon, not the general surgeon. 
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