How to Discover Stories And Effectively Communicate Your Message to Connect With Customers and Inspire Action 
(No marketing skills, big audience or writing skills required)

I'm going to share with you how we used storytelling to...sell programs from $2k - $1m+, connect with experts like Arianna Huffington and Tony Robbins, and create content with extremely high retention rates!

Most business owners and entrepreneurs completely misunderstand what storytelling actually is for business and I want to help change that so you win.

People don't LOVE products, they do LOVE great brands they stand behind. And I'm going to show you why that's only possible with great storytelling

Building a brand people love and buy from is not luck...

This workshop will take all the guessing out of how to share the right messages effectively and what it means to your brand! This will change how you see marketing forever.


"I wanted to know how to be able to translate My Own Story my own mission my own passion for what I do into a story that would actually be compelling for somebody else and I'm really happy with what I learned here. You know, it's a very clear structure. And you learn how to let your own experiences flower into a story that other people enjoy listening to.  That's the idea right, but it also really forces you to connect in a different way than I've been doing with my audience, with my ideal client, figuring out how to talk to them through a story has given me a new insight on who my ideal client is and what they want to hear from you after going through that."


 "If you are stuck telling your own story and personalizing your marketing this will definitely help. There is loads of content in it, lots of food for thought and practical guidance too, so it was well worth the investment."


 “The program has de-mystified storytelling for me. What was a “nightmare” has now become formulaic due to your training.”


“What led that company to call me was not my background or accolades. What really got me these new contracts was the story. What I have now is my edge on how to use my story to attract the right customers.”


"It helped me find where I want to take not only the story of myself but also the story of the organization and where we're going."

So, How Does This Work?

The Story Mastery Workshop teaches tried-and-true marketing frameworks that help entrepreneurs and business owners authentically attract, engage, and inspire people to LOVE their brand.

This workshop includes trainings on how to:

  • Quickly create stories that matter for your business so you can get attract more leads (even if you've never done this before)
  • ​Create a powerful brand that wins in the long run so you're not just another commodity
  • Eliminate the "freak out factor" when it comes to storytelling & marketing - forever!
  • Connect the 3 most important story pillars any business owner or entrepreneur must understand (you'll see marketing differently moving forward)
  • Take any business idea and wrap in powerful stories to increase engagement and customer relationships
  • S​wiftly rise above the digital noise and attract YOUR best customers... even if you have no clue how to begin
  • ​Attract customers who fall in LOVE with your brand
  • ​Fall in love with authentic marketing that feels good and will set you up for success for the rest of your life (even if you know nothing about marketing now)!
From Change Creator Co-Founder, Adam G. Force

Dear Amazing Change Creator, 

For the past 20 years, I have worked in the digital marketing space creating high return on investment (ROI) strategies for clients ranging from Walgreen's to Microsoft to new social entrepreneurs just getting started. And during that time I built two businesses, one of them being Change Creator where I interview hundreds of experts like Tony Robbins and social entrepreneurs on the front lines.

Through this experience I have found that ALL SUCCESSFUL MARKETING, from multi-million dollar deals to a simple Facebook Live Series, comes from GREAT storytelling. 

Webinars, social media, workshops and all other tactics are just tools that come and go but the ability to powerfully communicate your business idea is what makes them all work. 

Our team has found that most social entrepreneurs who fail never learned these critical skills. As we will show you in this workshop, storytelling is a super power that will stay with you forever. 

I'm sure you value your time and would rather get CLEAR on exactly what will help you create more revenue now and in the long run. And it starts here with how we communicate. 

This is why I put together this workshop to share a few essential frameworks, jaw-dropping experiments and tools with you that you can apply as soon as today! 

Now, you can get the right information, implement it, and start getting better results WITHOUT going through 20 years of testing yourself. 

What Will These Strategies Do For You?

An endless supply of stories for your marketing

Attracting more customers that LOVE what you do

Inspiring people to take action (create a movement)

 Selling your offer more (aka impacting more lives!)


  • The complete Story Mastery Workshop (Value $197)
  • ​BONUS #1: The 10 commandments of GREAT storytelling cheatsheet (Value $67)
  • ​BONUS #2: How to create a communication strategy (3 Part Video Series)  (Value $67)
  • BONUS #3: Exclusive interview about storytelling secrets with Jay Shetty! (Value $27)
  • ​BONUS #4: What customers like and don't like about ads video lesson  (value $27)


You Pay Just = $17

(That's less than Uber Eats on Friday night!)

About My 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
If this workshop does not help arm you with the power to share impactful stories for your business, YOU PAY NOTHING! 

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